Car Park Extract

Car Park extract should be tested for Type A (fire outside) and Type B (fire inside) to BS476- part 24 for a specified time for Stability, Integrity and Insulation (if required). The Building Regulations specify what is required to maintain safe conditions, in particular Approved Document B and Approved Document F

  • Mechanical ventilation must provide 6 air-changes per hour in normal conditions.
  • For smoke clearance 10 air changes per hour is required.

The regulations for smoke clearance state that the system should have an extract facility which is split into two parts, each part capable of providing 50% of the required duty and extracting from both high and low level

The use of a coated or boarded systems in Car Parks can lead to their fire rating being compromised if the coating is damaged.

Air Extraction must be maintained and Fire Dampers must not be used.

System Description Material Stability & Integrity Insulation
Car Park Extract Galvanised Mild Steel Up to 4 Hours Up to 2 Hours*

*Insulation values are obtained through the application of specific insulation

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Non Coated galvanized ductwork has significant commercial and environmental savings on systems using intumescent or flame retardant coatings that require energy and chemicals to degrease, etch, prime , paint and dry but also alleviates the inherent problems of damaging these coatings during assembly and installation and compromising the fire resistance of a coated system.

LPS-SD198(appendix B12)
BS476 part 24 1987
Cert - LPCB Ref 1345a

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